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Aspire Program

Shoalhaven High School recognised that some students experience a sense of wellbeing and engagement when provided with supportive and challenging learning environments and opportunities that are responsive to their individual strengths and interests.  These can be across a wide range of domains, including:

  • discrete academic disciplines, such as mathematics, science, languages or the humanities
  • an area of physical, artistic or technical ability, such as a gift in a sport, the visual or performing arts, agricultural science or software development
  • creativity, innovative thinking and problem-solving ability
  • social, communicative and leadership ability.

Some of the characteristics that students possess that the ASPIRE program is designed for include:

  • Good problem solving/reasoning abilities
  • Rapid learning ability
  • Extensive vocabulary
  • Excellent memory
  • High degree of creativity
  • High degree of energy
  • Keen powers of observation
  • Shows ability with numbers
  • Good at visual puzzles

The ASPIRE program encourages, challenges and inspires gifted and talented students to realise their potential in both Stage 4 and Stage 5.

Extension, Enrichment and Engagement

This realisation of potential is achieved through academically sound teaching and learning strategies that are implemented through a differentiated program that is constantly reviewed and improved. Students are challenged and extended through engagement in dynamically rich tasks developed from practices like Project Based Learning and the Guided Inquiry Process and often include real world problems.


Each semester the Parents and Community are invited to a showcase of what the students have been working on. This review allows students to demonstrate their talents and show ways that they have enriched, extended and engaged with their education. The showcase occurs in the last week of both terms two and four.

Application Process

As there are a limited number of positions available, students wishing to be accepted into the Aspire Program need to undertake an application process. Students wishing to apply should fill out the online application form. The School's Aspire panel then reviews the application and contacts applicants for an interview.

ASPIRE 2024 Applications are now open and close Friday 22 September 2023.

More Information

More information is available from:

The school's website at:

By emailing the school at:

Contacting the Aspire Coordinator by calling the school on (02) 4421 8022