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TEAL information sheet

What is TEAL?  

TEAL is a writing model developed at Shoalhaven High School. The model is designed to assist the students in understanding the requirements of a question. The model then assists them in delivering a thorough and coherent response, usually in paragraph form. The paragraph model can then be revisited in any number of paragraphs to make up an extended response (an essay). The letters of the word TEAL are an acronym for the following steps to writing: Topic, Elaborate, Analyse and Link.

How does it work?

There are 2 parts to the TEAL model.

  • Deconstruct or break down the question by coding its parts: The students will locate the question action word/s, the judgement to be made and the content to be covered.
  • Use the TEAL sequence as a checklist to structure your response. 


Write the topic sentence


Describe the features and give examples and/or evidence.


Give reasons why and/or how the features of the topic are significant.      


Recap or reinforce the point about the topic.

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