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Mobile Phone Ban in NSW Schools Update

Mobile Phone Ban in NSW Schools

Dear parents, caregivers and students,

The NSW Government has announced restrictions on the use of mobile phones in NSW high schools beginning in Term 4, 2023.

Shoalhaven High School will be making changes to the way mobile phones are accessed by students during the school day. The new system is being implemented to increase focus in classrooms, remove distractions and to also promote positive social interaction, while reducing the potential for online bullying.

Important changes coming week 8- Monday 04/09/2023

The new mobile devices management plan at Shoalhaven High School will apply to mobile phones and will occur during all school hours, including break times such as during lunch and recess, as well as while students are on school-based excursions.

Students will still be able to carry their phones while travelling to and from school.

School staff can allow students to use their mobile phones in specific circumstances, such as for an educational purpose, for their wellbeing or to support students with specific needs.

How we will restrict mobile phone access

 Careful consideration with our key stakeholders including the Student Representative Council (SRC), P&C, staff and executive teams, will determine the option of how the Mobile Phone ban will be implemented at Shoalhaven High School, to reduce the distractions of students in the classroom. As of Monday we are introducing the “Out of Sight” mobile phone ban. This means that students phones are to be out of sight from 8:30am- 2:46pm.

What does this mean?

Students will access to their phones on the way to school, before school and after school concludes at 2:46pm. Students will have no access to their phones from the beginning of Roll call at 8:30am until the conclusion of the school day at 2:46pm, including break times.

For parents/carers who need to contact their child during the school day, a call to the office is appropriate and always welcomed. Messages are delivered to students in a prompt manner. In general, mobile phones are not necessary for communication to and from students during school hours and we ask that this respected by all.

Should students not adhere to the mobile phone ban policy then the schools discipline code will be followed in line with the NSW Department of Education discipline code for students.

We are excited to make our school a mobile phone-free space to improve learning and engagement, however, we will always make sure you can contact your child in an emergency. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school directly on 44218022. There will also be further information posted on school communication platforms in the coming weeks.



Damian Rees
Executive Principal- Connected Communities